Tim Buttner - Multi-Media Expert

Tim is a Multi-Media Expert with skills that span various forms of media. Tim began writing screenplays before he was twelve, completing his first feature-length screenplay at sixteen. He began filming in high school and at seventeen gained experience interning at Edgewood Studios on the set of Zombie Town. Tim continued to study film at Drexel University, establishing himself in the Stereoscopic 3D revolution after attending workshops in New York City with Florian Maier on Stereoscopic Film Production. After graduating from Drexel's Film & Video Program with a Bachelor of Science, and with a Screenwriting & Playwriting Minor, Tim worked for Digital Revolution Studios under Craig Tanner and further worked in stereoscopic 3D. While at Drexel Tim co-founded a company (One Forest Films) with high school friends and for several years helped build the company as CTO, and Chief Web Designer. Tim has been a contributing writer for MarketSaw, and as well selected as a Beta Tester for Blackmagic Design on the URSA Mini 4.6K camera.




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Tim was also a contributing writer to MarketSaw, a 3D blog. Check it out: www.marketsaw.com



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—Favorite Quotes—

"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle." — Robert Bresson

"'Nobody's perfect' is the line that most sums up my work. There is no comedy, no drama about perfect people." — Billy Wilder

"Structure depends on strategy: strategy is determined according to events." — Cao Cao, from Sun Tzu's The Art of War

"I shall hang my 'lecturing' on the same peg with my other failures and follies. It must be a long peg and a strong peg to hold them all." — George Perkins Marsh

"Will the science of the human heart, around which all contemporary art is based, exhaust so completely the writer's powers of imagination that in future the only novels that are written will be chronicles of various events?" — Giovanni Verga

"Train easy, fight hard… and die.
 Train hard, fight easy… and win." — Unknown


—Personal Quotes—

"Movies are not watched. They are an encounter with a life's experience not your own."

"I'm well trained in the art of turning shit to gold."

"'My favorite movies are the ones inside my head."

The Mission...


"It's not just about the destination...
                            ...it's the journey."


Tim Butt 2 Productions believes that there is always a journey to take when making a movie. The process of making the movie is a journey as much as the story that we tell is one for the audience. The experience of completing a film & video project, our own and those of others, is a thrill. We take pleasure in the journey our stories take our audiences on. For us the movie going experience is a journey.



The Journey...


Tim Butt 2 Productions grew out of the renaming of Tim's first production company, which he had been operating out of for half a year. The company, Butt Productions, had completed three short videos and abandoned at least three others. Tim Butt 2 acted as the parent company that Tim worked through his remaining years at Woodstock Union High School, but the company name often hid behind other banners and images. He created a bumper graphic for his high school, and he operated from that image when he worked on productions associated with the school. It is Tim's pride to have created such a wonderful logo and bumper for his school, but sadly he remains the only alumni to have ever used it.


Tim later created a small sub-company called Revolutionary Student Pictures, which he used on a few extra-curricular films. Often these were productions that he did with fellow Vermont students from nearby towns that he had met while working at Edgewood Studios. Revolutionary Student Pictures suffered a major setback with one production and when it went to SOCAPA Film Camp and produced movies there, it was for the last time. Revolutionary Student Pictures went into a folder in Tim Butt 2 Productions file cabinet.


Tim ultimately created a bumber for Tim Butt 2 during his senior year for a production he was desperately trying to get off the ground, and it was the first time the company's name was used to obtain a permit. Vermont's unpredictable weather suffocated the life of that production as Tim Butt 2 dealt with a blizzard the day the permit had been filed. Needless to say production was cancelled. This didn't deter Tim Butt 2 Productions like with Revolutionary Student Pictures. It held a firm ground while producing a few projects from behind the scenes. It had a bumpy road ahead to forge itself as a strong company.


Tim Butt 2 Productions left the confines of Vermont and found itself in Philadelphia for four years. It had its ups and downs during these four years, and managed to learn from a string of failures that didn't break the company's spirit. It endured and found strength in the lessons learned from its failures. Philadelphia's proximity to New York City led to a great amount of exploration, and as Tim worked with top of the line equipment at Drexel University he co-founded One Forest Films. Tim Butt 2 Productions provided a lot of services to help build One Forest Films, partnered with them on productions, and used its experiences to ensure success. All collaborations with One Forest Films were mutually benificial to both companies, and continues to be a strong partnership today.


After graduating from Drexel University Tim Butt 2 Productions relocated back to the Green Mountains of Vermont from Philadelphia in an interum before it relocated to Los Angeles. There Tim completed the Vignettes of Vermont and help put the finishing touches on numerous projects it had been a part of with One Forest Films. After a complete redesign and the launch of its website, Tim Butt 2 Productions changed it's logo and bumper to commemorate the new decade. And after a year in Los Angeles, where Tim worked for a 3D production company, it relocated back to the east coast to further collaboration with One Forest Films...



The Path That Lies Ahead...


Tim Butt 2 Productions has a keen eye watching as the future approaches. The news stories about technological changes... prosumer and consumer devices, the Internet, computer hardware/software, and cinematic techniques... all heavily influence all decisions that Tim Butt 2 Productions makes. Tim Butt 2 is dedicated to cultivating the craft of these technological breakthroughs while always putting story first.


Tim Butt 2 Productions eagerly anticipates the day when principle photography can commence on the first day of shooting their first Stereoscopic story.


The Biography of

Tim Buttner

From an early age Tim was a very visual individual. A student of the human condition, Tim started to interpret stories from an early age. He broke the bonds with the toys that he had as a kid (playing toys out of the genre/era they were confined to) by making his own paths and using creativity. The same can be said for his story-telling methods.

In his early elementary school days, while learning to speak proper English, Tim began his obsession with the visual medium of movies and television. He responded to the images and stories, and grew an appreciation for the dialogue and language over time. Due to his "speech imprediment" he started to respect languages. However the universal langual of visual storytelling was the most profound influence of his youth. He developed a unique sense of story and characterization based upon what he observed in movies, television, and the unviverse that surrounded him. This would later influence him greatly.

During his formulative years he enjoyed acting, but understood very early on where his heart truly lay and focused his talents on the behind the camera aspects. When he met a well known producer during his elementary years he was considered to be a future proponent enough to have that producer send screenplays to him with the belief "if he learns to write, he can direct." Tim used this as an immediate motiviation to to learn the art of screenwriting. He didn't give up on the tech aspects of the industry however.

During high school the technological advances allowed Tim to start honing his technical craft while he worked on screeplay writing. In school he focused on perfecting his written language skills so that as a writer he would be proficient enough to convey what he wanted to say in his screenplays, and he toyed with early digital technology enough to understand the craft. He became an early provocator of digital technology. He still respected history, and remains a student of history. His belief is that history is the most important teacher any individual will have. This may explain why he read Sun Zu's The Art of War at the age of sixtenn, but that may more have to do with his respect for the military.

After high school he continued studying film and screenwriting at Drexel University. There he found a higher focus on digital technology growing in the industry as a whole and tried his hand at film. Respecting film and the craft, Tim re-enforced digital technology (and stereoscopic filmmaking) and honed his knowledge of digital filmmaking. He minored in screenwriting, and formed his multi-act story structure concepts as an alternative to the "then becoming predictable" three-act structure. Enthused by the leaps that technology was allowing Tim formed a production company with high school friends to make content outside the University environment.

Upon recieving his diploma and graduating from Drexel University, Tim continued to build the production company he formed with his friends. He freelanced for some time until he worked for Digital Revolution Studios a 3D production company in LA. There he worked and learned more in the stereoscopic 3D medium. After Digital Revolution Studios he continued to grow his assets and abilities while freelancing. He's worked on numerous projects with amazing clients over the years.