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Tim is a Multi-Media Expert with skills that span various forms of media. Tim began writing screenplays before he was twelve, completing his first feature-length screenplay at sixteen. He began filming in high school and at seventeen gained experience interning at Edgewood Studios on the set of Zombie Town. Tim continued to study film at Drexel University, establishing himself in the Stereoscopic 3D revolution after attending workshops in New York City with Florian Maier on Stereoscopic Film Production. After graduating from Drexel's Film & Video Program with a Bachelor of Science, and with a Screenwriting & Playwriting Minor, Tim worked for Digital Revolution Studios under Craig Tanner and further worked in stereoscopic 3D. While at Drexel Tim co-founded a company (One Forest Films) with high school friends and for several years helped build the company as CTO, and Chief Web Designer. Tim has been a contributing writer for MarketSaw, and as well selected as a Beta Tester for Blackmagic Design on the URSA Mini 4.6K camera.




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Tim was also a contributing writer to MarketSaw, a 3D blog. Check it out: www.marketsaw.com



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—Favorite Quotes—

"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle." — Robert Bresson

"'Nobody's perfect' is the line that most sums up my work. There is no comedy, no drama about perfect people." — Billy Wilder

"Structure depends on strategy: strategy is determined according to events." — Cao Cao, from Sun Tzu's The Art of War

"I shall hang my 'lecturing' on the same peg with my other failures and follies. It must be a long peg and a strong peg to hold them all." — George Perkins Marsh

"Will the science of the human heart, around which all contemporary art is based, exhaust so completely the writer's powers of imagination that in future the only novels that are written will be chronicles of various events?" — Giovanni Verga

"Train easy, fight hard… and die.
 Train hard, fight easy… and win." — Unknown


—Personal Quotes—

"Movies are not watched. They are an encounter with a life's experience not your own."

"I'm well trained in the art of turning shit to gold."

"'My favorite movies are the ones inside my head."

The Future Perspective of 3D Movies

Updated on March 12, 2008, 2:13 PM - Written by Tim Buttner


When movie goers seat themselves in front of the big screen in 2009 they are going to notice a significant change in the type of films they are going to see from the ones that were in exhibition before 2008, not to mention adjust the glasses on their nose. Over the course of the last ten years (1998-2008) home entertainment was changed forever by the DVD in the late 90's, television's expansion into higher quality with HD-TV, and in addition to a huge leap forward in 2006 with Blu-ray Hi-Def DVDs, movie goers were gifted with a smaller window between theatrical exhibition and home video release. This hasn't meant a decline in movies creativity and ingenuity, although certain trends furthered to such a decline in artistic integrity, because the years saw epic trilogies grow alongside indie hits but alas, saw fewer people in the seats due to rising ticket prices. Innovation answers the hero's call, but in a form of an old friend; once though, thought dead, it limped on and rebuilt it's legions of followers who in turn taught it new tricks. Evidence of it's reemergence have already proved there is a growing audience who agree that it is the future, and where better to be in the future than today with 3-D films (or should they be called features).

Promising epics that will forever last in film history as masterful tales proved that an audience enjoys seeing them progress their story in chapters at a time, very similar to the great novelists that fulfilled the imaginations of youths and adults alike. One epic trilogy came from the very pages of a tale of One Ring to Rule Them All, and proved to be One Movie to Rule Them All. The man behind The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) Peter Jackson is teaming up with the MAN behind Jaws (1975), Indiana Jones (1981-2008), and Jurassic Park (1993-2009) Steven Spielberg to release Europe's favorite Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin...

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