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Tim is a Multi-Media Expert with skills that span various forms of media. Tim began writing screenplays before he was twelve, completing his first feature-length screenplay at sixteen. He began filming in high school and at seventeen gained experience interning at Edgewood Studios on the set of Zombie Town. Tim continued to study film at Drexel University, establishing himself in the Stereoscopic 3D revolution after attending workshops in New York City with Florian Maier on Stereoscopic Film Production. After graduating from Drexel's Film & Video Program with a Bachelor of Science, and with a Screenwriting & Playwriting Minor, Tim worked for Digital Revolution Studios under Craig Tanner and further worked in stereoscopic 3D. While at Drexel Tim co-founded a company (One Forest Films) with high school friends and for several years helped build the company as CTO, and Chief Web Designer. Tim has been a contributing writer for MarketSaw, and as well selected as a Beta Tester for Blackmagic Design on the URSA Mini 4.6K camera.




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Tim was also a contributing writer to MarketSaw, a 3D blog. Check it out: www.marketsaw.com



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—Favorite Quotes—

"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle." — Robert Bresson

"'Nobody's perfect' is the line that most sums up my work. There is no comedy, no drama about perfect people." — Billy Wilder

"Structure depends on strategy: strategy is determined according to events." — Cao Cao, from Sun Tzu's The Art of War

"I shall hang my 'lecturing' on the same peg with my other failures and follies. It must be a long peg and a strong peg to hold them all." — George Perkins Marsh

"Will the science of the human heart, around which all contemporary art is based, exhaust so completely the writer's powers of imagination that in future the only novels that are written will be chronicles of various events?" — Giovanni Verga

"Train easy, fight hard… and die.
 Train hard, fight easy… and win." — Unknown


—Personal Quotes—

"Movies are not watched. They are an encounter with a life's experience not your own."

"I'm well trained in the art of turning shit to gold."

"'My favorite movies are the ones inside my head."

Computers & Internet: Anyone Interested in Another Article Arguing on Their Sake

Updated on January 30, 2007, 1:19 PM - Written by Tim Buttner


Is there anyone left remotely interesting in hearing about all the different sides on the effect of the computer, the Internet, and those who use them? It seems the issue, or fantasy issue, is one that lots of people have comments on, but yet doesn't seem to be a real issue at all. Although people do argue that the computer and the Internet is an issue. Is there really an issue surrounding the computer, the Internet, and the people using the technologies?

According to Abby Ellin there is. She dedicated an article, The Laptop At My Attention Span about how in college classrooms students are no longer paying attention and surfing the web, checking E-Mail, and chatting online with friends during class. To some it has become a nuisance that spells out the rudeness of this generation. There are some professors who don't mind, and others who do mind. There are students who take offense to the issue, while others don't see it as a concern. Ellin believes that it is the computer-bearer's responsibility to have control and that if, "they can't, here's my suggestion to them: Take a computer to the Metropolitan Opera. Log on. Write e-mail. Check your portfolio. At the end of the night, you'll be lucky to still have a computer" (23). Possibly there is an issue here amongst students who use computers, but the better word is misuse.

There seems to be plenty of people ready to knock the computer for the way people are making it do certain tasks. Apparently now people can practically date right from their computer. Brent Staples wrote about adolescents' addiction to cyberspace in the degree of unsocial behavior. He talked about how when he was a kid, there was his first girlfriend and the interactions with her father. The fear that he tried to impose was a building block for Staples' essential communications with the adult world and gaining an understanding to it. Staples believes that computers and the Internet has superceded this by allowing kids to e-...

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The Effect of the Computer and Internet

Updated on January 10, 2007, 8:21 PM - Written by Tim Buttner


As of the beginning of the year 2007, this writer can no longer remember a time when there was no computers or Internet being part of his life. Of course, the writer can't remember much of anything before he was in the fifth grade, and therefore can't have his memory trusted to making any facilitation on the matter of the computer's and Internet's effect on his activities. What can be duly noted is that in elementary school the writer was subjected to using the computer to write assignments, do research, and play video games like many of his peers. Use of the computer didn't cease as the years grew, but instead became a feverous addiction.

By the time the writer was in seventh grade he was on a computer multiple times a day and on the Internet just as much. Having drifted away from computer games in elementary school, and making the decision to become a screenwriter and director by the time he was in fifth grade, the writer worked on his movie ideas and screenplays. Using the Internet he began to study on his own how movies were made and everything he could about them. In January of 2001, after discovering that Peter Jackson was making the Lord of the Rings, a favorite book of the writer, he was on theonering.net daily checking the progress of the movies and learning a great amount about filmmaking through this source. DVD's were an amazing source for learning as well, but the Internet provided an abundance of information and sites to satisfy the writer's desire.

By 2003, despite a decision early on not to make any movies in high school because of the thought, "You can't make a decent movie in high school with teenagers being the cast and crew," the writer began making some movies. Using computers to edit these movies, computers took a more prominent role in the writer's daily activities. Also in the summer of 2003 the writer became a member of Star Wars Hyperspace, an online membership of starwars.com where he could practically watch the...

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