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Tim is a Multi-Media Expert with skills that span various forms of media. Tim began writing screenplays before he was twelve, completing his first feature-length screenplay at sixteen. He began filming in high school and at seventeen gained experience interning at Edgewood Studios on the set of Zombie Town. Tim continued to study film at Drexel University, establishing himself in the Stereoscopic 3D revolution after attending workshops in New York City with Florian Maier on Stereoscopic Film Production. After graduating from Drexel's Film & Video Program with a Bachelor of Science, and with a Screenwriting & Playwriting Minor, Tim worked for Digital Revolution Studios under Craig Tanner and further worked in stereoscopic 3D. While at Drexel Tim co-founded a company (One Forest Films) with high school friends and for several years helped build the company as CTO, and Chief Web Designer. Tim has been a contributing writer for MarketSaw, and as well selected as a Beta Tester for Blackmagic Design on the URSA Mini 4.6K camera.




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Tim was also a contributing writer to MarketSaw, a 3D blog. Check it out: www.marketsaw.com



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—Favorite Quotes—

"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle." — Robert Bresson

"'Nobody's perfect' is the line that most sums up my work. There is no comedy, no drama about perfect people." — Billy Wilder

"Structure depends on strategy: strategy is determined according to events." — Cao Cao, from Sun Tzu's The Art of War

"I shall hang my 'lecturing' on the same peg with my other failures and follies. It must be a long peg and a strong peg to hold them all." — George Perkins Marsh

"Will the science of the human heart, around which all contemporary art is based, exhaust so completely the writer's powers of imagination that in future the only novels that are written will be chronicles of various events?" — Giovanni Verga

"Train easy, fight hard… and die.
 Train hard, fight easy… and win." — Unknown


—Personal Quotes—

"Movies are not watched. They are an encounter with a life's experience not your own."

"I'm well trained in the art of turning shit to gold."

"'My favorite movies are the ones inside my head."

Alien Visitors Report on Humans

Updated on November 17, 2008, 11:32 AM - Written by Tim Buttner


For the sake of argument lets say that if aliens decided to land on this rock, they would more than likely do it outside of human civilization in order to avoid contact with a species that they don't understand, or trust, yet. Our alien friends decide to land in the remote state of Vermont, and happen to do so in the winter. It's early March and a storm has brought in two feet of snow along with our alien visitors.

To begin with the aliens are prepared to face extreme temperatures and have the appropriate clothing (or perhaps they have an extra coat of fur) that allows them to travel outside without freezing to death. They venture down the mountain and come to a clearing. Actually it's not a clearing, but instead a trail cut into the side of the mountain. There's this strange set of poles with a cable connected between them with chairs going up one side and down the other. There are also theses pipes that run along the trail that are connected to these gun-like devices. Our alien friends are curious, but also cautious.

The chairs start moving, and our alien friends flee back into the woods. They watch as humans ride up these lifts with thin boards of wood attached to their feet. In fact they either have one thin board on each foot, or one fat one that can be connected to both. Soon the humans come flying down the mountain, gliding on the snow with these boards of wood in between. The aliens glance at each other with amusement.

The alien visitors venture to the bottom the mountain to find lodges gathered together to form a small village where large quantities of humans are gathering. They line up to get on to these chairs that take them up the mountain, while others come flying down off the mountain to get back in line. Some spray snow on their friends when they stop and share a laugh. A man on a motorize machine goes zooming by the aliens up the mountain. It's a snowmobile, but the aliens don't know this, so they marvel at the speed that this one person can travel, and figure that it most be a person of some importance if the other humans need to take a chair up the mountain and this person can ride a motorized vehicle.

The aliens manage to sneak past the hordes of humans who have gathered with their massive vehicles into a lot where they are all parked, and the humans unload equipment and clothing required for them to do what the others are doing. The aliens come upon a small pond and notice more humans, but this time they are on thin blades that are attached to their shoes and gliding across the ice. Some jump up and perform aerial maneuvers, while others push a small disc around with wooden sticks and push each other down in fierce competition to put the disc into a net guarded by a human in a lot of padding. The aliens watch in wonder and take note.

Tiny humans, most likely kids, roll up balls of snow and put them together to build what looks like a man made of snow. They put a carrot in for a nose, and buttons for the eyes, and a hat to top it all off. Other kids build snow forts and throw snowballs at each other as they laugh and be merry. A sound reaches the aliens and they notice and adult with a large electronic blade going at a slab of ice. He carves a design out of it to the pleasure of human spectators as well as our alien friends.

The aliens keep records of all their observations, and stay out of view of any humans. That night they witness all the humans go from outside to inside where they make a lot of noise. Through the windows they notice them drink beverages that make them obscenely grotesque while a small group of humans make noise with these strange instruments. One person hits sticks onto round barrels with some sort of skin on top, another plucks strings with a small piece of plastic, and another blows air into a golden metal pipe. The other humans jump around and make slightly choreographed moves to this, as well as cheer loudly.

Our alien friends decide it's time to leave, so they venture back up the mountain but first they witness one human skid off the road in his vehicle. The aliens take off and look back at the lights below that dot the mountains and state until it becomes a city of lights. Then they are in space and away from the strange creatures that are humans.


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